My first ever blog income report!

I looked up at my husband, both of us frustrated, trying to make ends meet that weren’t even close. He said, “Annie, I’m doing all I can. You need to find some way to help out.”

This was an about face for him, because up to this point, finding a job outside the home had been something we DIDN’T want me to do. We had tried it when our oldest was in high school, and she still has bad memories of having to keep four younger siblings on task at their homeschool work for up to 30 hours per week while I was at work. It wasn’t a happy time in our family; let’s just put it that way — with scars that still remain.

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I had tried blogging a few years before, but I had given it up as being too time-consuming. But now I needed something, anything, that could bring us extra income and which I could pick up and put down as needed when there were things with the home/family that required attention.

A friend of mine had started blogging about the same time as I had, but she was still going at it. So I called her up and asked her if she was making any money, and how much. I was hoping I could pull in maybe $300-400 per month. That would be enough to at least slow down the leakage in our budget.

She said she was making $2000 every month.

And I was down for that.

Thus began Annie & Everything.

And today is my THIRD blogging anniversary! I thought I would celebrate by publishing a blog income report, something I have never done before. I only blog about blogging once per year, after all (on my anniversary). It’s a huge part of my life, though, and I want to encourage anyone who might be thinking about trying it.

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Here’s one of the rough lessons I’ve learned in the last three years, though: there are only a handful of bloggers (my friend is one of them) who skyrocket from ground zero to making serious money within a short span of time. For most of us, it’s a long haul — and I’m not there yet.

This is a BUSINESS, after all. Entrepreneurship takes TIME. Learning about all the ins and outs, making mistakes, recovering from said mistakes — these all contribute to the fact that blogging is not usually a get-rich-quick kinda thing. But the potential for income is there; and for some, the potential for LOTSA income.

The good news is that somewhere along the way I reached my $300-400 per month initial goal!! And during the last six or so months, while my husband has been starting a new job and getting only training pay, this little bit of extra moola has saved our hide on more than one occasion.

So here are the actual numbers. I’ll give you the last three months for thorough information. (All represent actual money received, not just earned. For instance, ad income gets earned three months before I actually receive it.)

My Blog Income Report August – October 2017

August 2017: Net profit $550.73

Ad income: $251.22
Ebook sales: $374.75
Guest post: $25
Sponsored post: $51
Total income: $701.07

Blog Hosting by Black Chicken: $14.99
Email service by Mad Mimi: $29.58
VA services: $27
Pinning service by BoardBooster: $9.51
Shopping Cart service by SendOwl: $9.09
Pinning service by Tailwind: $14.99
Facebook boosted posts: $11.18
Blog courses/training: $34
Total expenses: $150.34

September: Net Profit $400.50

Ad income: $203.18
Ebook sales: $164.89
Guest post: $25
Sponsor for FB group: $80
Editing services: $125
Affiliate income: $13.20
Total income: $611.27

Blog Hosting by Black Chicken: $14.99
Email service by Mad Mimi: $27
VA services: $27
Pinning service by BoardBooster: $10
Shopping Cart service by SendOwl: $9.09
Pinning service by Tailwind: $14.99
Facebook boosted posts: $23.82
Blog courses/training: $36
Photo editing service PicMonkey: $47.88
Total expenses: $210.77

October (still in process but I know most of it): Net Income $597.88+/-

Ad income: $235.28
Ebook sales: $104.93
Guest post: $25
Affiliate income: $246.69
Bundle author bonus: $189.51
Total income: $801.41

Blog Hosting by Black Chicken: $14.99
Email service by Mad Mimi: $27
VA services: $27
Pinning service by BoardBooster: $3.50
Shopping Cart service by SendOwl: $9.09
Pinning service by Tailwind: $14.99
Facebook boosted posts: $25
Blog courses/training: $47
Domain name renewal: $34.96
Total expenses: $203.53


  1. Book sales are going way down. I HOPE that’s a function of the content, which is seasonal towards the curriculum planning/buying months, and the fact that I haven’t been advertising it much. I haven’t actually found a great way to do that, yet. I even started an affiliate program this month — with NO sales from it. It definitely makes one insecure about one’s product! But I will still say this: launching an actual product was a turning point for my blog income. I highly recommend it. I have an idea for another one in my head, which I need to make happen SOON.
  2. Ad income WILL be going up, because I already know what I’ve earned in August, September, and October — but I don’t get paid for August until November. The increase is due to the fact that I focused more on gaining traffic the last three months than I had before.
  3. I need to stop buying blogging courses for awhile. I have plenty. LOL.
  4. Affiliate income is an untapped resource. When I spend even just a little bit of time, it goes WAY up. I want to work more on that aspect of the business.
  5. You’ll notice that there are multiple streams of income, from ad income to sponsored posts to hiring myself out as an editor. This is what a blog is all about, so that as one stream goes through a cyclical decline, another one can pick up the slack. I think that is working here, to keep my net profit fairly consistent over the last three months. I have yet another stream that I will be focusing on in November & December — stay tuned!
  6. My new goal is $2000 per month. I hope it doesn’t take another three years. I’ll let you know!

Should YOU start a blog?

I can’t answer that for you. Be aware that your TIME is your capital investment, and it will take a LOT of it. But if you enjoy doing projects that are multi-faceted and challenging, and you are not afraid of technology and learning new things, then this could be for you!

Here are some of the blogging resources I recommend (links are my affiliate links):

Black Chicken Hosting — customer service is ALWAYS prompt and helpful!
Mad Mimi Email Service Provider — they do everything I need, at a price I can afford.
Tailwind — one of the only pinning platforms approved by Pinterest.
Send Owl — the simplest way to sell your product. I literally had it up and running in 10 minutes.
Post Planner — scheduler for FB (and Twitter and Instagram, although I don’t use it for those). Reasonably priced.

Elite Blog Academy — the Cadillac of everything-you-need-to-know-about-blogging courses. It’s not cheap, but it’s THOROUGH.

Building a Framework — Another overall blogging course, and since I bought it AFTER going through EBA, I haven’t done as much with it. But it is also very solid and not nearly as much money. (I got it as part of a bundle sale, so it was even less for me, otherwise I woudn’t have bought it in addition to EBA. I’m a bit of a blogging course junkie — especially when it’s a good deal, lol.)

Pinning Perfect — I have gone through just about every pinning course out there, and this one is the best, imho. These gals have an ongoing relationship with Pinterest and an exclusive FB group where they share up-to-date information about the continuous changes over there.

Inbox Invitation — the BEST email course out there. Sarah has packed this FULL of detailed information to give you the confidence to email your list and not come across as spammy.

The 12-Week Year, by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington — I read this in early August, and following its guidelines has created a HUGE boost in my productivity and results. It’s the reason my traffic went up over these last three months, so that my ad income has increased by 50-80%.

Here’s the final thing I want to say:

I actually really enjoy blogging. Some aspects of it are not as fun as others, but for a multipotentialite like me, it has enough variety to keep my interest over the long haul. So as a part-time job, it’s a pretty good one.

I’ve actually also had to start working outside the house again in the last year (only one child left in our homeschool these days, and the budget is still ridiculously tight — debt is stinko, y’all), so the blog has taken a time hit — but I’ll be pressing on! I’ve got ideas I want to see come to fruition! And as I learn more about running a business, more of what I do is effective for reaching my goals. It’s exciting!! Hope to continue seeing you here! :-)

3 thoughts on “My first ever blog income report!”

  1. This is great info! Thanks for sharing it. I’ve been blogging 9 years, but I didn’t really consider it a business until the past 3 years so I’m right in that boat there with you. Onward and upward! :)

    P.S. I’m a blogging course junkie, too. LOL

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I restarted my blog this summer with the intent of making extra income for my family. Sometimes it feels like crickets are chirping over there right now but I am looking forward to a year or more down the road. Thanks for your honesty about the journey.
    I have recently started running across your posts frequently on pinterest and love your blog!

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