Give your teen the high school education you want for them — while maintaining your own sanity in the process!

NOTE: While this website is primarily about homeschooling high school, we are beginning to add information about homeschooling grades K-8. Click on “K-8 Resources” in the top menu!

Hi, I’m Ann, and I homeschooled for 22 years, including graduating all five of my children (the last one in May 2021). I believe EVERY mom can confidently, competently — and even contentedly! — provide the complete high school education her teen needs. Homeschooling high school can be your best years ever!

Quick Answers to Common Questions:

Everyone should do this simple thing to know what it takes for a homeschooled teen to get into college. It's not as hard as you think! Ease your fears about homeschooling high school now!

It may not always be easy, but it doesn’t have to be THAT hard! Here you’ll find resources to help you every step of the way.

Getting Started

Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School: A Step-by-Step Handbook for Research & Planning

Everything you want to know to be sure you’re not missing anything. Gain the tools to make the decisions that are best for YOUR family!

Pressing Through

Save Your Sanity While Homeschooling High School: Practical Principles for a Firm Foundation

Get the nitty-gritty details about some of the aspects of this endeavor that can get challenging. Ease your mind and get practical advice you can actually implement.

Finishing the Course

Ann's homeschool transcript template makes creating a transcript for your teen SO EASY. Just download, make a copy, and start typing!

Make an Impressive Homeschool Transcript with Ann’s Fillable PDF Template

Just download, make a copy, and start typing — on any device! No crazy computer skills needed.

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